Gramin Vikas Parishad Work

Societys Work

1) Educational – Society is running school in Pathalgaon, Sukhrapara, Kapu, Surangpani of which Phuleta Chowk and Pathalgaon schools are Higher Secondary schools.Main subject of education is Farming and Commerce.  In year 2009, 2000 students were admitted. There are 88 permanent teachers and 24 temporary teaching staff. Majority of the students and staff are from backward community.

2) Commercial Training – Society conducts employment oriented commercial computer training to poor backward unemployed youths.

3) Farming Development – Society conducts training farming training in school and other programs under various programs of National Horticulture mission and related units in
a) Raigarh district Dharamjaigarh Tehsil village Charkhapara cluster
b) Jashpur district, Pathalgaon Tehshil, Kilkila cluster, Kansabel Tehsil, Dokra Cluster.

4) Health and Aids Awareness – Society conducts health checkup camps for children and organized eye check and polio checkups and other seasonsal disease checkup camps.

  1. a) Korba District – Aids awareness to 5000 factory workers in Industrial and Mining areas by using Nukkad Natak, Condoms awareness by the help of Chhattisgarh State Aids Control samity Raipur.5) Teachers Capabilty Enhancement Program – Every year we conduct resident training program for private sector teachers toward capacity building.

6) Education/Literacy – Girls Literacy under Rajiv Gandhi Siksha Mission. We educate teachers and provide training and spread awareness for people contribution in development.

7) Training / Awareness – We create trainers for Govt. programs to provide training to SHG,/ farmers/ bodies of Panchayati Raj / NREGA training / Womens awareness /Legal Awareness/ Youth leadership programs.

8) National Program – Padyatra for National Integration during Independence Day, Republic day,  Gandhi Jayanti, Youth day etc.